3 Signs of a Faulty Muffler and the Hazards You Should Know

The muffler’s main purpose is to muffle or cancel out the sound emitted from the engine but it’s also responsible for preventing emissions from entering the “cab” or the body of the vehicle. If you start noticing that your car sounds different when it starts or when it’s running, that’s one reason to check and make sure that your muffler is still in good working condition. It might be hard to tell at first, but don’t fret because over time, you will notice it because your car will sound a lot different and much louder than what you are used to. Don’t be in a hurry to dismiss this as a minor problem because you might get a ticket from the local traffic enforcer for sound pollution – and more importantly, because this is not the only problem you might encounter for a failing muffler.

Hazardous omissionsBeware of hazardous emissions

You’ll eventually experience emissions entering the cab from the car’s tail pipe if you leave this problem unresolved. Bills passed mandating drivers to park facing the wall were certainly not made on a whim as this is a serious health hazard and people do die from inhaling emissions. Small children, pregnant women and people with heart or lung problems are particularly at risk. It might be hard to discern if the fumes you’re inhaling are caused by a faulty muffler or a polluted area, but initially fumes can cause coughing and allergies or watery eyes. Exhaust fumes can also cause babies to fall asleep while riding the car. Aside from health risks a faulty muffler can also decrease gas mileage, meaning your car will be able to cover less distance with a gallon of gasoline, which translates to higher fuel expense.

When in doubt, you can always go to the mechanic and have it checked. You might need to replace your muffler, or find that the symptoms are due to other car parts like the tailpipe instead. Either way, you should regularly have your car undergo maintenance or check- ups to ensure not just your safety but also the safety of the people around you.

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