12 Bizarre Traffic Rules from All Over the World

Driving Rules

Traffic rules are simple, yes? Stop. Yield. Go. Easy to remember and to-the-point. They’re also logical, like stopping before a pedestrian lane. Drivers do that so they give way for pedestrians to walk. Unfortunately, in other countries, some traffic rules are just weird, utterly bizarre, relatively senseless, or just downright dumb. Here are some of the strangest traffic rules found around the world:

12) You can’t wash your cars on a Sunday in Switzerland

Why? Are the lawmakers there Jewish enough that they abide by the Sabbath law (which means no working on a particular day of the week at all)? You just can’t. Not even the muffler? Awww…

11) In the state of Alabama, you can’t drive blindfolded

Wow. Who was the genius that thought this up? Maybe someone with a heightened sense of spatial awareness much like Marvel’s Daredevil. Makes you wonder if other places do allow driving with blindfolds.

10) In California, you can’t shoot game animals from a moving vehicle, except for a whale

Yep. That’s right. Quick, someone call Captain Ahab.

9) Women can’t drive in Saudi Arabia

Maybe because their burkas can double as blindfolds? We’ll never know. But at its core, this is just sexism at play here.

8) You must have windshield wipers installed in your vehicle in Luxembourg…

…but having a windshield is the driver’s choice. Huh? This is just bizarre on so many levels.

7) You must give way when an animal herder crosses your path in South Africa

If you don’t, you’ll be fined $500. Pesky animal herders.

6) In Scandinavia, you must drive with your headlights on…even if it’s sunny outside

Talk about overkill.

5) Drivers must always bring their breathalyzer in France

This kind of makes sense, since wine is the French’s equivalent to water. But why can’t the police bring their own breathalyzers for traffic duties?

4) Traffic fines in Finland are not fixed, but taken out as percentage from your total income

Finally, a good reason to be jobless, or not have a car.

3) You must bring an extra pair of eyeglasses in Spain, even if you already have one on

They must be really concerned about your eyesight over there…

2) In Germany, it is illegal for your car run out of gas in the Autobahn

With no gas stations in the Autobahn, it is imperative that you check your tank before driving the 12,845-kilometer interconnected highway. Although, getting arrested for an empty gas tank sounds hilarious on your driver’s record if you think about it.

And finally:

1) In Nevada, you can’t ride a camel on the road

First of all, who in their right mind rides a camel on the road? And second of all, who in their right mind rides a camel on the road?

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